Sizes of Our Rental Dumpsters

At Granite City Roll Off, we take pride in our up-front, no hidden-fees approach to our St Cloud dumpster rental services. We’ve found that having straight-forward, no sales tactics pricing makes it much easier for our customers to order and feel comfortable about using our services. To make it simple, here's how it works. Just call our office now at 320-529-0123 and we will give you an instant quote over the phone. From our family to yours, we promise no hidden fees or additional costs that aren’t discussed up front and no surprises on delivery or pick-up.

What Size Dumpster Do I Need?

A great question, and one we hear often. Dumpsters are sized by cubic yards which is an outgrowth of requirements set forth by landfills. As you are making an assessment of your home renovation project its important to consider material you will be demolishing but we can assist in this decision as well. Here are some rough estimates:

  • 10 cubic yard unit can fit three truckloads of material.
  • 20 cubic yard unit can fit six truckloads of material.
  • 30 cubic yard unit can fit nine truckloads of material.

Usual Sizes for Common Projects:

Small bathroom renovations usually require a 10-yard container. But if your old bathroom is larger, or you will be removing walls in the project then maybe consider a 12 or 15-yard unit. It is often better to error on the side of a larger dumpster as an additional delivery and removal costs will be more than stepping up one dumpster size.
Our residential rental services are not only for remodeling projects. If you are contemplating a big garage cleanout, the chances are that a 10-yard unit will satisfy your needs. However, if you are cleaning out a whole house a 20 yard container would be a safe bet.
Naturally, complete demolition of a two-car garage structure might require our largest dumpster. This large dumpster unit makes it easy to load by having a wall door access. We can schedule replacements and pickups with a smaller dumpster until the work is completely done.
Are you embarking on our rehab project for the first time? If so, you may be shocked how much waste the project will create. A bathroom project can create a large amount of material to be removed as we need to consider fixtures, flooring, tile and wall material, ceilings and even piping. If you are unsure of your size needed just reach out to our team and we can assist you in your selection to ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible.


Additional Information

You likely have several other questions as you are choosing your St Cloud & Central MN dumpster rental company. What if I don’t need it the whole week? What can I put in the dumpster? How much space does the dumpster require? These are all great questions. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, where we address these questions as well as some other questions you might not be thinking of but are worth considering.